Appartment acoustics

Wall coveringThe stylised landscape of Spots of Light is a fine handfelted wool and silk in modern fresh tones. The finesse and elegance are reminiscent of silk and wool wallcovering. This exclusive structure is the result of an elaborate, ancient felting technique.
Materials: merino wool, silk.
Natural dye: woad.
Size: 260 x 150 cm (102.4 x 59.1 inch).
This item is flame retardant.
Duco de Vries

Wallcovering Spots of light

Acoustic wallhanging natural fibres & dyesHandmade natural wallcovering Spots of light. We only use merinowool and silk, soap and water. Dye: woad. Size: 260 x 150 cm (102.4 x 59.1 inch), 390 cm2 (153.5 square inches). Price on demand. Photography: Duco de Vries.