Wimbledon Wandkleed

Eigenzinnig wandkleed voor warme leef keuken in Londen.

Werkplek wandkleed

Werkplek wandkleden

Felt design birch bark stool Werner Neumann

Collaboration with Werner Neumann, shown at Design Biënnale Interieur Kortrijk


Design Biënnale Interieur Kortrijk



Kitchen acoustics

Kitchen acoustics

Heath felt rug

Heath wool rug, made in collaboration with nature. Materials: Dutch sheep wool, tussah silk, mohair and merino wool. Size: approx. 150 x 200 cm (59,1 x 78,7 inch). Made to order – please let us know what size & shape you like. Price starts at €500,00 ($650,00) ex. VAT per square meter.

Appartment acoustics

Wall coveringThe stylised landscape of Spots of Light is a fine handfelted wool and silk in modern fresh tones. The finesse and elegance are reminiscent of silk and wool wallcovering. This exclusive structure is the result of an elaborate, ancient felting technique.
Materials: merino wool, silk.
Natural dye: woad.
Size: 260 x 150 cm (102.4 x 59.1 inch).
This item is flame retardant.
Duco de Vries

Wallcovering kitchen

Natural wallcovering attached to wall with hook-and-loop fasteners. This exclusive structure is the result of the elaborate and ancient felting technique. Materials: Drenthe Heath sheep wool, silk, mohair, merino wool. Adds to better acoustics and a modern natural, almost serene atmosphere. Can be easily rinsed and/or vacumed. This item is flame retardant.
Photography: Duco de Vries

Vegetable dyes rug

Wool from one of the eldest West-European sheep breeds Racka combined with wool from Schoonebeeker Heideschaap. Handmade – using only water, natural soap and the elaborate, ancient felting technique to create modern textile. Dyed with natural pigments. The diameter of this piece is 140 cm.

Photography: Duco de Vries